Music has been my one companion in solitary living, especially during this pandemic. I wanted to invest in speakers that aren’t too expensive and could still give me an experience like never before. I see many good reviews regarding the speakers, and I am a little desperate for something I can utilize for the foreseeable future, so Wharfedale found a market in me.

Wharfedale Diamond 225 Bookshelf Loudspeakers Review

Since I am the only one who will use it for the foreseeable future, I intend to enjoy this to the fullest. The manual includes a guide on how to use the speakers and place them properly in a room. This is a far cry from the speakers I bought in the past. I guess it also helps manufacturers and shields them from bad reviews when their products are misused. 

There is a pair of speakers emphasized by their circular grilles. The one on top is the treble driver, which is a 25 mm soft dome speaker. Its bass driver is a 165 mm Woven Kevlar dome. The company’s logo may be seen near the bottom of the front panel. The unit has a black finish. 

At the rear panel is a series of jacks. The ones facing the left are red, while the ones facing the right are colored black. The manual explains this and how it can be optimized during use. Near the top of the rear panel is a sort of serial plate marking the authenticity of the unit. It has a bit of a nostalgia factor. 

The one feature that I truly like is the fact that it comes in a walnut finish. Although there are many speakers with this sort of finish, not a lot of them have history, power, and the height that I need for my home. This ticks off all the boxes for me. Now I am praying that it sounds nice. 

After I finished setting up, I put on one of my favorite albums and listened carefully. If I could listen to this album and still discover new things about it, I will be impressed, And I was. The sounds that harmonize into a single song blew up in proportions as if I were listening to the songs for the first time. I knew the lyrics and the melody by heart, but the beauty of the accompaniment is astounding. 

There are bits and pieces of the song that I am rediscovering with listening through the speakers. The bass is as deep as it can be, like a heartbeat that keeps the song alive. There is a distinction in all the notes and how they blend. 

Another thing I like about these speakers is the finish. I have a bias towards equipment with a nostalgia factor. The finish reminds me of older times before mobile phones and WiFi. It is smooth to the touch. The grille is removed easily for cleaning. Best of all, it blends with my apartment colors. It doesn’t clash with anything, but it stands out.

Pros and Cons

Wharfedale is worth every single penny I spent investing in it. The sounds are smooth, rich, and give the full experience of the music as I’ve never heard before. It is also easy enough to assemble along with other equipment. The instructions are clear, and their placement suggestions work wonders. The company keeps its business alive by manufacturing quality audio equipment, and I see why it is a leading name in the industry.

The one bad thing I got from this purchase was the shipping. It took quite a while to get to my place, even when I am in the city. That is easily forgivable, though, as the experience afterward was much smoother and rewarding.


The company has been around since 1932. However, Wharfedale shifted to purely audio equipment in the late 2000s. It is based in the United Kingdom, where it is best known for its speakers. I chose to purchase the Diamond 225 because of its small size. My apartment is too small for big speakers, but I do not want to settle for tiny computer speakers. The local market also yielded zero results. The speakers are either utilized for concerts or computers. There is no in-between. Luckily, I found a shop online that is directly connected to Wharfedale.


I am right to trust a company with a lot of years and experience under its belt. Wharfedale has been a staple choice in the UK. Ever since I heard about them, I began noticing them in various establishments. Their sounds are consistent with the quality I hear at home. No doubt that I will be recommending them to my friends and family from now on.

FAQ: Frequent questions

? Which is the best?

Wharfedale Diamond 225 Bookshelf Loudspeakers

? How did we test them?

We tested 8 products, researched 10 sources, evaluated 155 reviews and spent 5+ hours on our guide.

? What should you look at before buying?

When choosing it’s best to make a decision based on the price/quality, functionality and compatibility with other devices/technologies.






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