It was only recently that I learned the value of buying things for myself. Circumstances happened, and I found myself earning enough to cover my basic needs and then spoil myself a little. So I bought a few things that I’ve meant to invest in. As a self-proclaimed audiophile, at the top of my list is a pair of top-of-the-line headphones. I have worked my way through countless earbuds and earphones and never really found ones that satisfy my craving for a proper auditory experience.

Sony MDR-V6 Reviews

I picked this specific pair because of two reasons. The first is how iconic it is. The second is that it is made by Sony, which has been a leading brand for decades. After World War II, a small shop in Tokyo opened up and produced various equipment, particularly tape recorders. What started as a tinkering shop with eight employees became one of the leading corporations in different industries. And today, I get to try their MDR-V6.

This pair of over-ear headphones are foldable. It has approximately 10 feet of cord. It comes folded in its box. The manual specifies the way it should be folded up and folded out of its position. It can be tricky, especially for beginners. When things are top of the line, though, it is always handled with care. 

The model may be old. However, it is still very much popular and in demand. The fold-up design is said to be venerable. I am not sure about what the material is. It may be synthetic leather. Whatever it is, it feels nice to the touch. It is smooth and textured at the same time. Every purchase comes with a soft leatherette pouch for storage and packing purposes. It comes in a plastic box that brings back memories from before the turn of the millennium. 

Sony MDR-V6 Review
Sony MDRV6 Studio Monitor Headphones with CCAW
For monitoring your recordings and high-fidelity listening

40 MM diameter drivers to provide wide surface area for superb dynamics and deep bass down to 5 Hz. Oxygen-free copper litz cord for maximum conductivity and minimum noise.

The Review

The absolute best is the only way I describe these headphones. They have a rich audio experience. It’s almost as if my favorite artists are singing in my ears without the harsh noise that we associate with concerts. You can hear everything that makes the songs great. The bass is not shattered, and the high pitches are pleasant to the ears.

I also like that the cord is long enough to move away from my desk and not be caught as I am about to reach for something behind me. The cord itself is thick and strong. A lot of my former equipment is too flimsy. They immediately break after just three months of listening. With these headphones, I am guaranteed that they can at least withstand more than my former earbuds.

Another thing that I like is the way the headphones themselves feel. They are a little hefty, but along with that, heft is the quality and guarantee of a good time when using these. I think the band itself is leatherette, like the bag it comes with. The over-ear phones are soft. It also fits snugly over my ears. Despite the fact that it is not in-ear, I still have a great experience, and that is saying something. The width of the phones is adjustable to suit anyone’s head. Mine is on the smaller side, but a little adjustment goes a long way.

Speaking of the leatherette bag, it was an added bonus that I was not expecting. I keep my headphones in the bag when not in use. Being leatherette, I am sure that it is protected in some way against any dust or water droplets that can destroy the optimum performance of the headphones.

Pros and Cons

All in all, the headphones are the single most amazing piece of equipment I have bought for myself. I use it all the time when I am at home, and I couldn’t think of how I lived without it until now. The over-ear feature also helps relieve my outer ear from the hard plastic of earphones. The long cord reminds me that I am still connected to my computer without the harsh yank I get from short cord earphones.

However, the long cord also presents some problems. It can be a hassle to unwind from storage. I now use a cord holder so that it won’t tangle in the bag. Another problem is that these headphones are out of stock for a while now. To be fair, these were manufactured in the 80s. I’m afraid that if it breaks or loses a component, I’d have to look for rare items like an archaeologist.

That is another con, I guess. Having vintage headphones like these, once they are broken, they cannot be fixed using their original components. I need to take extra care of them so that they won’t go the way of my old earphones. I regularly place them in the bag in the hope of preserving them longer.


With everything I said, I do stand by my statement that this is the absolute best. However, I’ve seen more and more out-of-stock signs when it comes to these specific headphones. It isn’t a good sign, and I do hope Sony does something about that. They have given the world a gift with these headphones, along with their many contributions to industries and society. I do hope for the best for these headphones moving forward.

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