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A line array is a tall cabinet or tower system of loudspeakers. The loudspeakers mounted over each other in a line array helps to create a diversified sound pattern. The loudspeaker drivers mounted on one another in the audio line array give an additional benefit. They cause the constructive interference of the sound waves. So, it helps to produce a louder sound in contrast to a PA speaker.

Seismic Audio Line Array Speaker Reviewed

Seismic Audio line array is an innovative step in the industry of audio instruments. Its reasonable cost and exclusive design make it loveable and an integral part of all venues and live gatherings. The Seismic Audio line array provides a vast dispersion area and excels in the experience of performances.

Several striking features are present in this iconic and innovative system. 

Features: 1. Full Control 

You can master your outdoor events with this revolutionizing brand. The complete control of your voice is in your hands. You can diverge and converge the pattern of sound waves originating from the loudspeakers. 

The cabinets used in the formation of Seismic audio line array speakers are usually SAL-215 and SALA-210. With these frames or cabinets mounting on each other, you get an unbridled experience at your venues. 

These positional cabinets add flexibility and customizability to the structure of the Seismic audio line array. You can adjust the suspension of the loudspeakers to any desired angle and get the expected performance. 

So, using this top-level line array, you can take your function to another premium level. 

2. Heavy Duty Built-in 

The construction of the components is very integrated and compact. High-quality parts and hardware help you to say good-bye to problem-nested functions. Moreover, these impervious parts make this model more recommendable than the expensive predecessors of the same brand. 

Moreover, the seismic audio line array is a premium audio instrument for life on the road. The engineering and superior construction make this an ideal choice for audio companies and sound performers. 

3. Passive Speaker 

The speaker used in the rug construction work passively. There are many benefits of passive speakers over active speakers. You don’t need to bother about the distribution of signals and the connection of cables. The passive speaker of 16-ohm resistance is available in the speaker. 

There is no need at all to connect the prolongation cord to every speaker. You have to run the main cable to provide power to the speaker. So, it prevents your time from wasting and give you a helping hand during the gathering and events. 

4. Stylish Design and Ergonomic structure

The seismic audio line array also comes with an ergonomic design and stylish industrial look. The honeycomb design of the loudspeakers makes this seismic audio aesthetically beautiful. The class matte surface of the loudspeakers casing gives you a premium feel. 

The enclosure of the line array made of birch plywood is very sturdy. The external finish is full black. A grill is also available in the structure. The grill is made of metal to given perseverance and integrity to the construction. For easy handling of the line array, metal handles are also available. 

An additional side handle is also present in the premium package. So, it enhances the portability of the seismic audio line array. 

5. Improved Sensitivity

The dynamic magnetic system and the drivers of the Seismic audio line array are intelligent and extra sensitive. The loudspeakers mounted in the audio line array have a maximum sensitivity of one hundred twenty-five decibels. However, the lower sensitivity value is ninety-seven decibels. 

6. Premium Quality Sound

The drivers having a lining of titanium metal have very extraordinary efficiency. The drivers and the integrated passive 2 X 5 audio line array speaker give their best to provide a high-fidelity and pristine sound. Booming bass and crystal clear highs are the prime features observable using this model. You will surely make a profitable investment by buying this top-level package. It will make your event superb and classy. 

7. Versatility  

You can also use these loudspeakers or cabinets in different configurations. It increases the versatility of the line array. Along with mounting these cabinets in a tower form, you can also use these for other purposes like monitoring and recording. It means that these mounting or hanging cabinets can also work as an individual speaker. 

8. Price worthy

You will not disappoint after buying this miraculous audio line array. It provides you multiple benefits at the same price that you invest for a PA speaker. Moreover, the mounting cabinets give you several live sound options and the ease of portability from one venue to another. 

9. Portability and Less volume

 The ergonomic design and the compact packing of the components inside this stunning line array make it lightweight. Moreover, this audio line array also enables the user to pace it in a small space. So, it takes less room comparatively. All this helps in the portability of the system.    


  • The honeycomb-like look makes it more stylish and vibrant.
  • The model is the best value for money in place of a PA speaker. 
  • Passive speakers help to conserve expenditures of cables.
  • The rugged construction of the line array increases its sturdiness.
  • The lightweight and less volume are a huge bonus.
  • Increased portability is also enjoyable.
  • The several mounting cabinets give you personalized and customized control.   
  • The drivers are intelligent and sensitive. 


Muffled sound production and horrendous treble are observable. 


The endnote of the whole discussion is that every picture has a dark side. But the cons of this model are not a big deal. The striking and beneficial features of the seismic audio line array mask a few lacks in the system. 

That is why we have chosen this model as our top pick doe any public administration or listening event. You will have a top-notch experience using this model. An exceptional realism and fantasy are enjoyable using this premium quality model.

The extended versatility of the speakers makes them easily portable and useable for different purposes. So, give a thought to this premium-quality audio line array.

FAQ: Frequent questions

? Which is the best?

Seismic Audio CLA Compact 2×5 Line Array Speaker

? How did we test them?

We tested 18 products, researched 6 sources, evaluated 42 reviews and spent 9+ hours on our guide.

? What should you look at before buying?

When choosing it’s best to make a decision based on the price/quality, functionality and compatibility with other devices/technologies.






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