When I decided to open up a mini restaurant, I decided to have additional attractions to draw more clients. What more can be perfect than loud music? This is why I bought speakers from Rockville audio to make sure that my customers can get the best musical experience while dining.

Today, I would like to share my utmost experience and satisfaction with this product to share my entire experience and satisfaction with this product personally. I hope to encourage others to buy Rockville instead of other brands.

Pair Rockville RPG Speakers Review

The Pair Rockville RPG 15” is one of Rockville audio products, a company specializing in speakers, home theater, car speakers, and home speakers. A trusted brand in the industry for quite some time. Both speakers weigh 136.8 pounds. It has a leg diameter of 1.37 inches, a tube diameter of 1.5 inches, and a base spread of 40 inches. It is measured 15.67 inches by 15.57 inches by 26.93 inches. You indeed have a lot for a reasonably small price. It has an adjustable height with a maximum height of 78 inches. Upon unboxing the package I received, I saw a travel bag, 2-foot XLR female to XLR male caves. I asked for a different color, but I was informed that only the black color is available.

The Pair Rockville RPG 15” powers its DJ and PA systems with 1,000 watts. It has a 15” low frequency or bass speaker. The woofer’s power comes from its three inches aluminum high-quality, high-frequency sound.

Both RCA and XLR inputs have separate gain adjustments. Moreover, if you wish to add more speakers, the XLR has additional links. I find this feature good because I was able to use this when my restaurant opened.

With one look at the speakers, I have seen beauty in them. They can be positioned differently due to their trapezoidal enclosure. They can also be mounted, or they can just stand because a 35-mm pole socket is made available for use. If you wish to have the speakers mounted, brackets are already available for your help. There is a travel bag provided, and the bag ensures that the speakers are fine while they are inside. When I brought the speakers once at home, I thought that scratches would be noted while I put them inside. But so far, they were scratch-free. The speakers were designed in a way where carrying them is not difficult. I honestly did not have a hard time taking my speakers. You can use the speakers with both 110 or 220 volts for the power supply.

Rockville RPG Speakers Review

I am impressed with my purchase of the Rockville RPG 15 because it is made by a reputable company that has been in the business producing quality speakers. They know their craft and so fat they have brought out impressive results. I purchased the item from their website, and I had it for less. Instead of over $800, I only paid over $400 for my speakers. That’s an astonishing 50% off. Not to mention that they have a free consultation before you purchase, so I was guided by buying them with buying these speakers.

A notable feature that I am glad of is at the back of my speakers, and there is a switchable button for the volts. I think that this is good to give other people around the world the chance to use these speakers. 

The speakers have rubber feet edges which make them usable in different setups. The usage of these Rockville speakers is not limited to concerts or recordings; you can also do a seminar with these. The sound is so precise. Speaking of which, at the back of each speaker has a two-band EQ, which allows you to make your voice or the music more bass or not.

Another highlight of these speakers is the idea of having them attached to other devices. I mentioned that I could connect to different speakers to make them sound better and more attractive. I did not have to set up another set separately because I attached them to my RPG speakers.

Pros and Cons

  • Price

I bought the speakers when they were in the sale, so I had good value for my money. They ship for free, so I didn’t have to pay extra money for the delivery. However, I have not searched if they ship for free around the world, so if you are from the other side of the world and you plan to make a purchase, make sure that you check the delivery options.

  • Services

On their website, I was able to call their hotline, where I got a piece of free advice about which product to buy. I think this is helpful, especially for people like me who are not very knowledgeable about speakers. 

  • Options

Rockville RPG comes in different sizes, but I bought the biggest one, which is 15 inches. Rockville RPG comes in smaller sizes but has the same powerful sound performance. Having options is good since clients have to consider their budget and their usage. 

  • Warranty

Rockville offers a full one-year warranty for parts and services. 

  • Sound and Performance

The sound that the speaker produces is very clear. The high notes were pretty good, and the low notes were not bad at all. The position of the speaker also matters, but I think the sounds are superb.

  • Usage

Setting up the device is very easy. It can be set up by anyone, even those who are not familiar with speakers. You can mount them if you want. You can even put them on the ground. It all depends on your setup. The buttons at the back are very clear, especially the master knob, which controls the volume. 


If you are looking for speakers, I highly recommend the Rockville RPG 15” because you get the value for your money. They produce good sounds, and they are perfect for whatever occasion you have, whether they are for live concerts or simple family gatherings. I am giving this product a score of 5 out of 5. 

FAQ: Frequent questions

? Which is the best?

Rockville RPG15 Powered PA/DJ Speakers

? How did we test them?

We tested 12 products, researched 9 sources, evaluated 122 reviews and spent 16+ hours on our guide.

? What should you look at before buying?

When choosing it’s best to make a decision based on the price/quality, functionality and compatibility with other devices/technologies.







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