A loudspeaker is a classical and necessary asset of a musical function or event. An Rcf speaker is the beating heart of an event that manages the load due to its extra power. You can make your experience of the audio application in live functions unbridle with an amazing and speaker.

RCF Speaker Reviewed

So, the question arises why choose an RCF speaker…? RCF speakers are a fantastic mishmash of extraordinary build quality, well-defined audio, and reasonable price. Several exquisite and contrasting features are present in the RCF Speaker ART312AMK3. These striking features will compel you to love and recommend this brand.


The item holds a weight of only 45 pounds. It helps the user or operator to take it from one venue to another without getting any backache. The lightweight of the RCF speakers enhances the convenience of its portability. Moreover, you can also place it anywhere without any fear of stumbling.


The RCF speaker of this given model locks up the feature of bi-amplification. 

You will experience a defined improvement in the quality of sound by using this system. The bi-amplification system supports the separation of magnification of mids and bass sounds over a great range of frequency.

To provide an extended separation and magnification, the RCF speakers hold two amplifiers in one speaker.         

Monolithic Amplification

A monolithic amplification system is present in these RCF speakers. Because the fabrication of monolithic systems helps minimize the losses of power. The amplifier also overcomes the expenditure of energy due to its small size. Moreover, you can enjoy the improved execution of the speakers with this system.

A monolithic bi-amplification system implanted in the speaker gives you a power of 350 watts.

Greater Range

A magical sound is enjoyable in a wide area of 90 X 60. The dispersion horn of the speaker is very extensive. It also provides sound without any perversion to every corner of the venue. You can feel the same quality and precision of the sound regardless of your position in the playing area.

Similarly, your audience will have a supernatural experience with this ultra pro speaker. The speakers are exceptionally amazing to deliver a rich and pristine sound in the commodity of one guitar and vocals only. 80 to 100 peoples in a hall will feel deaf due to turbulent and metallic sound production.  

FLY mounting options

A more personalized and customized control is agreeable with this fantastic speaker. You can accommodate any position and propel your sound in every direction with the help of a pole mount adopter or completely operational mounting options.

The availability of two M10 fly mounting knobs assists the DJs to spread the sound waves. The sound reaches any desired position or up to a greater extent. So, enhanced performance and peaceful experience are far no more with this fantastic model.

Premium Sound Quality

A piece of rocking music is enjoyable using this RCF speaker. The magnification of the sound will blow your mind. You don’t need to have a high-quality audio file on your phone or laptop. The integrated and top-notch speaker is competent in reproducing a highly embroidered sound even from compressed MP3 audios.   

Excellent Mids, Highs, and lows

Another striking feature of the RCF speakers is that you can enjoy all types of sound in premium quality. The deep bass production removes the boundary of the real world and playback. You feel immersive in the listening. So, opt for this exceptionally premium speaker and listen to rocking playback by heart.  

Easy to handle

The construction of the speakers is very integrated. So, it enables the convenient and customized handling of the speaker. You can set the speaker with the XLR cables very easily. It is a good value for the speaker.

Even an amateur can handle and operate the RCF speaker with utmost confidence and convenience.  

Stylish Look

The industrial and iconic look of the speaker is another prime factor. Your hall will give a premium look and sight to the audience. The smoother and matte black surface of the speakers is exceptional. The room of the speaker has an adjustable contour that provides sound everywhere.  

Moreover, you can also clean it with simple fabric. Since it has a matte surface, so it is also readily cleanable.  

Integrated inputs

The speaker locks a single XLR input and another input of ¼’’. So, it is best for small public halls. Moreover, the built-in system of the RCF speaker works eel with a voltage of 110. So, you can use only countries offering a voltage of 110 like the USA.


  • The speakers offer a metallic bass. It is an easy-to-use speaker and best for newbies.  
  • An integrated bi-amplification system provides excellent resolution of sound.
  • The lightweight of the RCF speakers ensures portability.
  • The hardware used in construction is sturdy and integrated.
  • A premium sound quality is enjoyable.
  • The speakers have a fantastic response range of frequencies.
  • The speaker has a low expenditure of energy.


  • The power supply provided in the package is the culprit of hissing sounds.


Summarizing the whole discussion, the RFC speaker can be a suitable model for an event. A good quality speaker ensuring superior performance and long term persistence is the primary choice of an audiophile or amateur. So, if you are in search of such a sturdy and durable speaker. You can opt for this RCF speaker of model ART312AMK3.

All the excellent and prime features are available in this model. That is why it is our best cream. The construction, sturdiness, exceptional audio quality makes this model of RCF speaker the champion of audio instruments. You can create a lovely atmosphere or ambiance for delivering your thoughts with this exceptionally unusual model.

Moreover, the easy fly mounting points enable you to provide the best acoustic protection, and you don’t feel any distortion. The positioning points help you to overcome the reverberated sounds. You don’t need to bother about the multiple reflections of sound waves using this incredible feature of the RCF speaker.

FAQ: Frequent questions

? Which is the best?

RCF DJ Speaker ART312AMK3

? How did we test them?

We tested 14 products, researched 8 sources, evaluated 43 reviews and spent 10+ hours on our guide.

? What should you look at before buying?

When choosing it’s best to make a decision based on the price/quality, functionality and compatibility with other devices/technologies.






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