Your audio set is incomplete without a loudspeaker, whether you have a band or going to use it for your home theatre. We know it’s a trouble when you cannot hear good sound from the audience, and that start leaving the place.

Mackie Thump 12A Reviewed

Or when you are watching a movie on your large screen but don’t get high bass. Louder music gives and exciting power and changes the whole scenario. But you are not going to enjoy those memorable moments without the louder sound. So, we are going to rescue you from this situation.

We have done thorough research on the best loudspeakers available in the market and came up with the product mentioned above. We are now giving you a brief detail about the product’s salient features and its pros and cons. It will help you in choosing the product quickly. So read the article very carefully till the end.

The product we have brought for you is manufactured by the world’s one of the well-known companies, Mackie. Mackie is manufacturing electronic sound gadgets for a long time. We are first going to describe the physical features of the product. The loudspeakers come in elegant black color.

There is no worry about matching it with your interior décor in home theatre as black suits everywhere. Now moving towards the weight of the product. It is one of the lightest loudspeakers with a weight of 28.8 pounds. The shape of the speakers is rectangular and erected. The dimensions of the product are 14 x 14.1 x 24.2 inches.

Now we are moving towards the other specifications of the product. There is the usage of an efficient switch of Class D in this product. The company has used the latest technology to compete with the market and deliver the best to its consumers. The advantage of Class D is the better transfer of the waves as compared to AB switches. Class D uses an efficient transistor of MOSFETs. 

Are you getting anxious about knowing about the power of the loudspeaker? Don’t worry; it provides you with an output of 1300watts. The power-wattage is directly proportional to the clarity of the sound. The more significant will be the power clearer will be the sound.

Are you getting worried that it might get burst after this high-efficiency performance? It is a valid question as some loudspeakers got burst on heating up and at full volume. But don’t worry, the company has worked on this factor very magnificently on this hazard. It has installed a new generation cooling system in the speaker that protects it from bursting.

Isn’t it satisfying your criteria for using it for a band? Don’t worry; we are going to bring a fascinating feature for you. You can use this product on the stage as it has a stand-mount. The dual-angle feature allows it to deliver a mixed voice to the audience.

The loudness is the primary factor while choosing this speaker. The company has fixed a 12″ speaker in it. The size of the speaker enhances the clarity and lowers the noise of the sound.

We never want you to spend money on the wrong product. We have brought one of the highly rated-product which is recommended by the people. The product has a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5.

Reasons to Purchase this loudspeaker:

  • It has a great speaker size.
  • It delivers an output of 1300watts.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • It is a pocket-friendly product.
  • It has a great cooling system.

Drawbacks of this product:

  • The product has low-quality knobs.

How to Choose Loudspeakers?

We know that some people find it challenging to choose the right product from the market where there are many products. It becomes difficult for an expert person to decide the correct item from such competition. The newcomers may get confused and waste their money on the wrong product. To save your time and money, we are including the section of buying guide in our article. It will describe the necessary features that you have to consider before purchasing the product. If you purchase the product without reading this section, then you might get the wrong product. And you know it is useless to cry over spilled milk. So, let’s go for the necessary features:


You have to choose the wattage of the speaker according to your requirement. Either you are going to use it for your home or on stage for concerts. The wattage ranges from low-quality delivery of 600watts to 4000 watts. The greater the wattage, the clearer the sound.

Size of Speaker

The size of the speaker is another significant factor that you must consider before buying the product. Great size speaker helps in active noise cancellation.


You must have to check whether the speaker allows you to connect any other multimedia device with it. There must be XLR ports in it.

Active or Passive Speaker

You must have to check that either it is an active loudspeaker or a passive. The passive loudspeakers require an external amplifier for their efficient functioning.


Those people who are fond of bass must have to look at subwoofers’ presence in the loudspeakers. If the loudspeakers do not have subwoofers, you have to spend extra money to attach external subwoofers.

Electronic Switch

There are different types of electronic switches used in the amplifiers of the switch. The class AB is used in the old technologies. The latest amplification switch is Class D, which is far better in performance than class AB. 

Final Word

You have to replace your old speakers with the latest and highly-rated loudspeakers to enjoy the parties. The selection of the best loudspeaker is a challenging task for you. But we have made it easier for you by providing you with the product details and buying guide. In our view, you are now able to choose the product wisely. But still, if you feel any problem in choosing the right product, you can take the suggestion from any professional person.

FAQ: Frequent questions

? Which is the best?

Mackie Thump 12A Loudspeaker With Built-in Mixer and Amp

? How did we test them?

We tested 7 products, researched 14 sources, evaluated 98 reviews and spent 13+ hours on our guide.

? What should you look at before buying?

When choosing it’s best to make a decision based on the price/quality, functionality and compatibility with other devices/technologies.






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