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JBL EON 610 REVIEW IN February 2024

One of the major factors why I immediately jumped into the idea of buying the unit right there and then is the label. JBL is a big name in the music industry. Even non-music enthusiasts can recognize JBL and say that it has good quality. The company has been around for almost 80 years. Coming out of World War II, JBL began producing quality audio affectionately called the Lansing Sound. JBL, after all, stands for James B. Lansing. From their humble beginnings, JBL rose as one of the top names in the industry. That rounds us back to my purchase and how I am sure that it is a quality product.

JBL EON 610 Portable Self-Powered Sound Reinforcement Reviewed

The JBL Eon 610 is a little bigger than the standard computer speakers. However, they look like they could pack a punch. The speakers have a black finish down to the cloth backing in the grille. The grille itself is an obsidian powder-coated grille. It is 21.9 inches long, 12.67 inches wide, and 11.614 inches tall. Each speaker weighs 26 pounds. There are two speakers behind the grille, one on top of the other. On top is a 1-inch compression driver for high frequencies. Below that is a 10-inch woofer. Interestingly enough, the woofer is named after the onomatopoeic sound a dog makes. Woofs are usually full of bass, and the name is very fitting for the driver that spews out the low frequencies.

The speaker has two visible handles on each side. At the bottom is a 35 mm pole socket for easy mounting. If I decide to suspend my speakers, there are three M10 suspension points to hook them up to suspension wires. The back panel contains the control knobs and buttons. The few LED lights emit green lights when in use.

The casing itself is made out of polypropylene, which is an additional thermoplastic polymer. It is one of the most produced plastics in the world. It can withstand harsh liquids and holds its shape even after being banged up. This is not a cue for you to clean your speaker with pure bleach or use it as target practice for your bat swings. It just proves how much these speakers can give you in the long run. It is durable and tough.


I immediately hooked up the speaker to my AV device and began playing a few of my choice demo songs for new audio equipment. I am particularly fond of the bass sound in songs, so I played my bass playlist. I was not surprised by how rich the sounds were. However, I am very much satisfied with the quality. I am not surprised as I was expecting this. It is more of the fact that I trust JBL enough to do what it does best: deliver quality audio with its various products.

The higher frequencies do not disappoint either. They are crisp and pleasant to the ears. The sound isn’t shattered at any level of the speaker. I do not have to turn the volume up to hear particular sounds. I even found a new layer to the song I’ve been listening to for so long, and that was somewhat surprising. Other than that, I am more of a believer than a convert to JBL products.

Pros and Cons

The pro is that it is JBL. There is nothing left to be said after that fact. The unit itself can blend in any room design. It is versatile and built to last. The sounds are rich and full without so much background noise or disturbances. 

One con I noticed is how the warranty for the speakers is different from the casing. I guess it makes more sense to warranty the speakers longer since they do most of the work. It can be a little confusing, especially if you do not like reading the fine print. 


I recommend this product to any audiophile looking for a way to enjoy music without the bulky types of speakers. It is also recommendable to people with small spaces. The unit delivers sound just as good as those coming from its bigger counterparts, and it is very much worth the investment.

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