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Are you willing to become a DJ in a club? Yes! There is nothing wrong with enjoying your life as a professional DJ. But are you feeling a difficulty that you don’t know how to produce the best mixing of sounds to make the people go with the flow? Don’t worry at all because we are here to rescue you from the trouble.

You must know the basics of being a good DJ. All the sounds generated are in the hands of the DJ. Smooth mixing is the first and fundamental duty of the DJ. If he fails in doing so, then the people will not shake their bodies on it.

How to Scratch Correctly?

In this article, we will describe the best ways of scratching more straightforwardly. Although it is a complex process, we have tried to present it to you in a more straightforward way to make it easy to understand you. So read the article till the end to grab the complete concept of the procedure.

What is Meant by the Term Scratching?

Aren’t you familiar with the term scratching? Don’t worry; we understand that you are a beginner and don’t know the process. We describe the term; then, we will answer your question by mentioning the scratching procedure.

The term Scratching means the process of moving the record plate back and forth to produce a unique sound rhythmically. Scratching is also known as Scrubbing. The turntablists use this technique during hip-hop music, but now the DJ uses this rock music technique.

How DJ Do the Scratching During the Mixes?

So here is the most awaited section of our article. We have thoroughly searched for the most straightforward steps for your quick and easy learning. But now it is your job to learn the skill of being a master DJ. So, moving to our topic, we are going to describe the ways that how a DJ performs scratching. It would help if you learned Different types of grinding. 

Baby Scratching

The First and most straightforward technique of scratching is baby scratching. You can practice this technique if you are using CD decks or vinyl disks. For vinyl disks, you can use a marker from the music starts. The starting point is crucial for practicing scratching. After marking the starting point, you have to move the disk back and forth without playing the beat. It will make it easier for you.

If the vinyl disk record is not available and you are using the CD Deck, you display the disk’s central point, which acts as the marker. Mark that starting point and repeat the same process.

The Scribble Scratch

Now we are moving to the second technique to learn the scratching for being a beginner. This technique is no different than the baby scratching. You will use the marker the same as the baby scratching and move the disk back and forth, but it will speed more than two to three times. You have to practice it on a faster track if you want to upgrade to the next level.

The Grab Scratch

Now let’s move to the next level of scratching to become a professional in this field. It is the final stage of the scratching. You have to start practicing without the beat and music and then start performing it with the music and sound. The different part of this stage is the moving of the vinyl disk in the 9’O clock to 12’O clock. You have to master this movement with accuracy.

Video Tutorial for Doing Scratching as DJ

We know that it is quite difficult to grab the concept by reading the steps only. So, to resolve this trouble for you, we will include a video tutorial in our article. You have to make sure that you watch the video till the end. It is a short video tutorial that will not consume much time and help you understand the process. 

What are the Biggest mistakes Made by the DJ during the Scratching Process?

There are some minor mistakes that the freshers usually make during the simple process of scratching. We would like to you aware of these mistakes not to repeat them in your career. So, the following are the mistakes:

Using Both Hands at the Same Time

In our opinion, the first mistake is that some beginners use both hands to reach the level of perfection because it leads to the faster or slower movement of the recording disk in an irregular manner that leads to the production of noise.

Blaming Your Mixer

The most annoying factor is that many DJs start blaming their mixer. It is not a good gesture if you start abusing the stuff without pointing your faults.

Copying Other DJs

The third mistake that the new DJs make is copying others. They must have to believe in their skill and try to create their sounds by their ideas.

Not Understanding the Taste of People

The last but not the least factor is the anticipation of the people’s mindset. A DJ must have to judge that how much scratching they must have to do in their music. The new DJs make scratches on the mixers without realizing their taste, which produces a dull club environment.

Final Words

So that is all from our side. We want to conclude by saying that you must master the process by doing multiple exercises daily. The scratching is a confusing process and hard to master in short intervals. But if you have read the article till the end, you have a complete understanding of the whole process, and now you can perform it smoothly.

But still, if you have any confusion in your mind or have found our ways difficult, you can contact someone in your social circle who is professionally related to this field. He will indeed teach you the job very well. But you have to pay some amount for it.

Thank you for reading the article till the end with great care and focus!

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