Evolution is a constant fact that exists along with breathing creatures and lifeless things for centuries and will remain without end. Due to this advancement in tools, types of equipment, technologies are endorsing by leaps and bounds. 

Headphones or headsets are part of such advancements when you wish for a place where no sound can distract your wonderland. Primarily, rest is crucial along with the struggle to smooth our progress in addition to our subsequent generations.

How to remove oculus headphones? Explained

By using headphones for a while, you feel quiet and composed.  But developer minds do not bring their efforts to a standstill. They step forward persistently. Resultantly, you have the entire world in your smartphones, PCs, and other more innovative tools.  

Why is oculus common?

Undoubtedly, knowledge and its sensible applications fill up our lives with much ease. But hanging outside and going for a movie on a full-size display catches the attention of our hearts. We can’t have sufficient time to entertain ourselves for one motive or the other. 

Furthermore, COVID 19 makes it unfit to hang out. The startling features of the oculus quest make its limelight. It draws our attention by pleasing us with the large-sized display. Moreover, e-learners and online office workers also divert their attention towards it. 

Conversely, there is a chance of distraction from the outside world in other headphones, whether they include wired or Bluetooth. Oculus headphones minimize this dilemma as much as possible. 

Features of Oculus Headphones 

Oculus headphones are just like trying something sole, exceptional, and outstanding in their quality. Some users are even not aware of things that are enjoyable by using the Oculus headset. Here is a list of awe-inspiring ideas that reflects the premiere class of this type of headsets. 

  • Go around with others in the entire world of music.
  • Look at  media accumulated on the oculus quest earpiece 
  • User can watch his / her desired content by making use of SKYBOX VR app. 
  • Enjoy a full-sized effective display system for viewing movies, videos, or whatever you want to be. You experience being present in a cinema or in front of a large-sized LED screen. 
  • It is an innovative invention for the people that panic before the public. 

Functioning of Oculus headset 

Oculus headset or oculus rift is a pair of virtual veracity spectacles that functions with your PCs (desktop, laptop, etc.). Oculus has pair of screens that exhibit two images, one for each eye. They are bulky goggles that give the impression of sky diver’s goggles.

This headset is incomplete until you do not have an efficient quality earpiece and hand regulator. The headphone set will make your experience that you are actually in that game, movie, or any other scenes you are going through. 

Our query is that how to remove Oculus headphones after using them. In another case, you can say that how to unpack the headset. 


As headphones are in the headset, similarly, they are removable with a small effort. It is might possible you want to close your eyes and listen to the music or playlist. For this, do not purchase another earpiece. You can disassemble the same fixed in the oculus headset. 

Following simple steps are helpful for this purpose. 

  • First, find the screw that connects the audio. This screw is available on the inner side of the front belt or strap after the on-ear headphones. 
  • By applying an audio instrument, twirl the audio connector rivet towards the left side that is anti-clockwise. 
  • Keep on turning the audio connector rivet towards the left. By constantly doing the same job on-ear, headphones come out of the Oculus headset. 
  • Now, you can use those headphones for other purposes.
  • Here, we added a link for a better visual explanation of the process. Give a look to it.

Why is it needed to get rid of on-ear headphones in the Oculus headset?

When you purchase the Oculus headset, then it has its earpieces. The question arises why the user wished to remove those earphones. The reasons can be more than one. It is possible that headphones are ruined and do not transfer the voice appropriately. 

Another motive for removing the headphones is dissatisfaction with the eminence or quality of earpieces, and you think to replace them with worthwhile and good quality earphones. Looking through another aspect, you get bored using the oculus quest and wished to pay attention to only sounds. So instead of wasting money on buying a new one, you can remove oculus quest headphones. 

How to fix the oculus headphones again?

It is also easy, and you can execute it in no time. Go to the oculus app and choose devices in the context menu presented on the left side. Here right-click on the rift. Below VR sound output, go for rift headphones and then process the Window settings. 

? How to remove oculus headphones?

Undoubtedly, knowledge and its sensible applications fill up our lives with much ease…

? Features of Oculus Headphones

Some users are even not aware of things that are enjoyable by using the Oculus headset…

? Functioning of Oculus headset

This headset is incomplete until you do not have an efficient quality …






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