Headphones are one of the most used accessories in daily life. Whether you are a gamer or a music enthusiast, or a movie geek, you will always want to experience the best quality sound. Modern wireless headphones have their benefits in terms of portability and ease, but the best choice is always the wired ones for sound quality. 

Wireless headphones need Bluetooth or wifi to connect to the audio device. Other than connectivity issues, wireless headphones cannot compete with wired headphones in sound quality. The wired headphones offer the best sound quality, especially for gamers, as they need a faster response and the best sound quality for the best gaming experience.

Besides all the benefits the wired headphones have their cons, the main one being the tangling of headphone wires. Headphones are a sensitive accessory, yet they are mistreated the most. Most people wrap them too tightly or carelessly throw them only to find them beneath all the stuff and then pull them mercilessly, which results in the reduction of their lifespan. 

How to keep headphones from tangling? Explained

You may have faced the situation when our headphones become a tangled mess. The more you try to untangle them, the more complex they get. The result is frustration and anger when we want to listen to something right away. 

Here are few simple tricks to keep headphone cords untangled and increase their lifespan. 

Make an 8

Instead of wrapping them carelessly in the shape of a ball, you should wrap them over your fingers loosely to keep them untangled and prevent them from damaging. You will have to leave some length towards the end. After wrapping the chords over your fingers, wrap the remaining length horizontally. Engage the headphone jack at one end of the loop. To open, pull the jack while holding earplugs. 

Make them strong 

It is one of the most manageable steps. All you have to do is to grab a pair of scissors and an embroidery thread. Just make the knots of the thread around the headphones except for earplugs. To make it look more beautiful and creative, you can use multi-colored threads. It will keep the delicate chords of your headphones more robust no matter how carelessly you throw them, and they will also be unlikely to get tangled. 

Using a binder clip

It is also an easy trick. For this, you will need a binder clip of medium size. All you have to do is wrap the headphones around the clip keeping the speakers out. It can also be used to clip your headphones with your shirt while listening to music. 

Making use of the headphones 

If you run out of the equipment to make your headphones safe, you can use the headphones as a tool. For this, wrap the headphones all-around your phone and tuck the headphone jack to the one side. It will keep your headphones from tangling and will also keep your phone and headphones in one place. It will also prevent your phone from slipping through your hands or pocket. 

Using credit card 

For this, you will need a credit card or shopping card, or just cardboard. All you have to do is make holes on both sides of the card. Punch two holes for the speakers and one for the headphone jack. Keeping the speakers out of the holes, wrap the headphones around the card, and at last pull out the jack through a hole. 

Double fold

The easiest and convenient way is to double the entire length of headphones twice and make a knot. It is also the most convenient one to undo. 

Using Velcro or adhesive tape 

You can keep your headphones untangled by using adhesive tape. Cut a piece of sticky tape or Velcro and wrap it around the neck of the headphones. Keep some extra length of the adhesive tape to cover the whole length. In this way, you can keep the headphone chords in place.

Wrapping alternate 

It is the way large wires or pipes are usually wrapped. It is similar to making an eight, except it is wrapped alternately. Wrap the cable around your fingers alternately, making the loops by just taking it and placing it around your fingers in alternate directions. Wrap the remaining length around the wire and weave the jack to the loop.

Using rubber/elastic band

Another simple trick is to follow the step 1 or 8 and wrap a rubber band and. Your headphone will never tangle again.

Using small bottles or boxes

The main reason for the tangling of headphones is that we throw them in our bags when traveling or putting them in our pockets carelessly. Instead of throwing it carelessly, use a small-sized bottle or a box to put the headphones in, especially when traveling.

You can also watch this video to know how to keep your headphones untangled.

? How to keep headphones from tangling?

Here are few simple tricks to keep headphone cords untangled and increase their lifespan…

? Making use of the headphones

If you run out of the equipment to make your headphones safe, you can use the headphones as a tool. For this…

? Using Velcro or adhesive tape

Cut a piece of sticky tape or Velcro and wrap it …






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