Do you get bothered when you are unable to listen from one ear? It is the most common problem most of us encounter every day.

The PCs and mobile phones have built-in features for playback, which determine the headphones’ distribution of voice. There may be several reasons for having unbalanced headphones and can be corrected by simple techniques.

How to fix unbalanced headphones? Explained

What Happens When Headphones Are Unbalanced?

You may be having unbalanced headphones if:

  • The left speaker is louder than the right or vice versa.
  • The left speaker is quieter than the right or vice versa.
  • Uneven sound in earbuds.
  • Either side is quiet.

What Causes Unbalanced Headphones:

Wiring and Auxiliary Plug:

The unbalanced audio can be caused when the wiring has some issues. You can simply check it by running your fingers through the wire. If you discover an issue with the wire, you can fix or replace it. 

If the wiring is alright, then check the auxiliary plug. Any problem with an auxiliary plug can be fixed similarly.

Audio Signals:

If your audio channels are not working correctly, you will not get balanced audio in both ears. Audio channels are responsible for transmitting the voice signals from the audio source to the speakers. They distribute these signals between the right and left chamber of the headphone.

 In case of any disturbance in these signals, you will not get an equal voice, or you will be able to hear from only one side. This condition is often misunderstood as unbalanced headphones.

How to Fix Headphone Balance on PC:

PC users can fix the unbalanced sound issue in a few simple steps by checking the “Sound” section on the Control Panel. Using a few simple techniques, you can entirely alter the sound produced by your headphones.

  • Balance your speakers so that they are on equal volume.
  • Special sound effects may cause a disturbance in playback. Turn them off.
  • Headphones plugged to a mono jack have a sound imbalance. So remove it.

How to Balance the Speakers:

A disturbance in the Left/Right balance is the usual cause of uneven sound in headphones. You can fix this problem by the following steps:

  • Go to the control panel and click to open it.
  • Look for the sound option and find headphones.
  • Right click the headphones and select properties.
  • Find the levels tab and select it.
  • Click on the balance button.
  • Make the balance equal or adjust it to make your speakers give equal output.

How to Disable Sound Effects:

Particular sound-enhancing features of your Windows PC can change the way your headphones distribute the voice. You can restore audio to normal by disabling these special sound effects by the following steps:

  • Go to the Control Panel and open it.
  • Select the sound option.
  • Go to the properties.
  • Select the enhancements.
  • Tick the checkbox to disable sound effects.

How To Correct The MonoJack Settings:

If you can hear the voice from only one side, your audio may be on a mono output capability. Plug the headphones to a headphone jack by clicking on the headphone icon on your PC. Do not plug them in the “ear phone” jack.

How to Fix Headphone Balance in iOS:

Apple comes with left/ right audio balance options, which go unnoticed as they are featured in Accessibility instead of Sounds. You can find it in: Settings – > General – > Accessibility. You will have to swipe down to explore the Hearing section, which features various options

Here it allows you to balance left/right audio or convert it to mono. Other available options for audio settings include Blue-tooth connected hearing aids and phone noise cancellation removal.

How to Fix Headphone Balance in Android:

To adjust the sound volume of headphones on Android you can follow any one of them:

  • A better solution is to install an app for special music effects. “Viper” is more convenient as it gives you the freedom to turn on and off when required.
  • If your Android has a default app to control music volume, you can directly go to the settings and adjust them. Settings -> Sound -> Music Effects 
  • If both of these options are not working, you must check your mobile’s accessibility settings.

How To Correct the Accessibility Settings:

To check and correct the accessibility settings, try the following steps:

  • To enable the mono audio go to the Settings.
  • From the given options, click on Accessibility.
  • Use the slider to shift the speaker balance to either left or right.
  • You can also consider the “Mono Audio” feature, it adjusts and distributes equal sound on both sides by disabling the stereo effect.


Enjoy your favorite music, movies, and audiobooks on the PC or Android with flawless voice distribution among both ears without wasting your money on buying new headphones.

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