All of us are well aware of the echoes producing during phone calls. These echoing sounds often annoy people. It is because it causes distortions in the incoming voice. As a result, we don’t understand what the person on the other side is saying to us. In short, echo is not a good omen. It always causes frustration and disturbance. 

You may be trying to figure out how to get rid of it. Give your desperate thoughts a break. 

You arrived at the right place to get the answer to your problem. There may be different causes of the generation of echoing sounds; for example, multiple reflections of incoming and outgoing sound waves by various surfaces or reverberation of sound results in echo.

How to fix echo in headphones? Explained

However, it may not always be correct. Sometimes, the inferior quality audio and sound instrument result in multiple vibrations. It ultimately produces an echo. Another reason is when the microphone works in closeness with the earpiece, it generates a grumbling voice. 

Sometimes, joining a call via the internet also causes echo. It may be due to poor signal strength.

Whatever the reason may be, fixing echoes is an essential task. The main culprit of producing it is the headphones, but many people look over it. It is a general thought that listening to echoing sounds is due to your phone speakers. Keep in mind that it is a false notion.

A suggestion for removing echoes from your conference calls is using a headphone having a USB plug-in. It will give strong coverage to the device and will produce fewer sounds. 

Let’s have a glimpse of some tips usable for fixing echoes in headphones.

Fixing echoes in headphones: tips 

The following tips might be helpful for you in fixing the echoes of the headphones:

  • Remove the headphones from your phone’s socket and then plug them again. Confirm that the plugging in of the headphones inside the socket must not be loose. Check that the headphones firmly attach inside. 
  • Another pro tip for reducing the echoing sounds is to mute or silent your mic. When you don’t speak, the unmuted microphone captures the surrounding sounds or noises and produces echoes in your ears. So, silent or mute it when you are only listening to audios. 
  • If the above step does not solve your problem, unplug your headphones again. Clean all the dirt and debris material from the lead of the headphones. Use a soft cloth made of soft fibers for cleaning. Keep your hands gentle and light. Because harshly cleaning can cause damage to the headphones. 
  • Try to use the built-in speakers of the device instead of using outside or external. It can be a solid solution to your problem.

If the above tips solve your problem, it is all okay. However, if it does not sort out your issue, look for some other measure. Another solution to make your headphones work without producing echo is to blow inside the phone sockets. You can also use a blower or fan for this purpose. It will also remove the debris. 

Some other Pro tips:

You can also resolve your issue regarding this:

  • If you are using an external speaker or woofer with your headphones, you can also check them to adjust the echo. Lower the volume of your speakers. It is because a high-volume sound reverberates more. So, it also helps in reducing echoes. 
  • You can also adjust devices. Try to have a pair of headset that features a microphone for speaking. If the microphone is unavailable, your headset will automatically connect with the mic of your device. It will create disturbing sounds and muffing vibrations. 
  • If your headphones do not lock a microphone, troubleshoot the device you are plugging in. It will adjust the microphone working of the device you are connecting. In this way, you can also get rid of echoes. 
  • Try to change the position and alignment of your headphones. As we know, echo is the result of multiple reflections of sound waves. So, try to keep your microphone in such a place that it doesn’t face any reflection screen. 

Turn off Microphone Boost

You can also aim to turn off the feature of microphones boost. To turn off this, go into the menu option on the taskbar.

Select the control panel in it. Open the recording box in the tab of hardware and sound. 

Open the microphone device and turn off the boost option by clicking the dialogue box. It will prevent the device or the internal speakers from creating sounds. So, you can get rid of this issue. 

View this content for more suggestions:

Final thoughts

The above steps can be a perfect solution to feed your desperate spirits. If all these steps don’t help you, you can go for buying new headphones set. If the problem persists, your speaker has malfunctioned. Change your speakers. 

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