No matter which speaker you are using, like car speakers, studio or a guitar amplifier, TV or computer speaker, the blown system is the worst experience. In the music system, the quality comes first than any other thing, so when there are issues in vices, it doesn’t have any importance. 

If you also face problematic speakers, it could be a blown system or issues in an amplifier. Don’t worry. You can solve it as we will provide you a complete guide at the professional level. So you have the exact idea that what to do and how to fix the blow speakers. 

How To Fix A Blown Speaker?

So let’s begin.

What is a blown speaker? 

The blown speaker refers to the speaker that doesn’t work or acts like a problematic speaker. In simple words, the blown speaker produces an unpleasant sound, or there is no sound at all. But sometimes, the blown speaker works at the pitch where it sounds like reproduced voices.  So blown speakers produce issues like:

  • Distortion 
  • No sound
  • Physically torn parts

These problems can be worse with time. Change in sound quality is a subtle problem that increases with time and ends up with no sound. But sometimes, no sound problem refers o the electrical issue.

Causes of the blown speaker

There must be some reason behind your blown speaker. So before repairing, it is best to find out the actual issues. The most common reasons behind the blown speaker are blasting with too much power supply and regular use over a longer time.

Speakers only have the capacity according to their design. So it is best to play the speakers with the matchable combination of amps, period, and every other specification. Amp manufacturers check the intensity of the speaker with the rough procedure, so it has high compatibility. But it’s technical nature that these things go through issues frequently.  

So it’s normal to have the blown speaker but finds out the reasons behind it is ideal. The fundamental issues include the: 

  • Hot source material or power 
  • Amplification 
  • Volume controls exceed the expected levels

How to fix a blown speaker? 

There are many ways to fix the blown speaker as every issue requires a different solution. However, we will share the most common method that will help you improve a blown speaker. 

So let’s start the step-by-step process for fixing the blown speaker. 

  • Step 1

Use the equalizer to find out which speaker causes the problem. Apply the equalizer on your stereo system to check the balance of every speaker one by one. Ensure that the speaker volume is low so it will not damage the excellent speaker quality. 

  • Step 2

Disconnect or disassemble the problematic speaker carefully. Use a screwdriver if there is a metal faceplate for separating. But if there is any fabric, then gently loosen it. Ensure that you didn’t cause any tearing. 

  • Step 3

If there is a tear in the speaker’s cone, repair it using the same tape or glue. Ensure that hole is completely covered if using the glue. Use the adhering material according to the speaker cone. 

  • Step 4

Check the voice coil. Sometimes voice coil melted from some point, then it may cause the issue. The voice coil gap will not let the speaker produce sound or create distortion depending on the gap’s size. So if there is an issue invoice coil or it melts at some point, you need to replace it. 

  • Step 5

Get the replacement parts according to speaker requirements. You can order the domain from the manufacturer’s website but ensure that it is according to the numbers. The part numbers are available at the side or backside of the speaker or cone. So you can check that and order accordingly. 

  • Step 6

Carefully check that how the damaged part is attached inside the speaker. It will help you to replace that with the new feature. To remove the damaged part and reinstall the fresh one in the same method. 

Some parts require soldering iron to attach the wires. So it would help if you had the proper apparatus for fixing the replaced parts.

  • Step 7

Hook back the speaker in a stereo system and check the volume or quality at low intensity. If there is still an issue, then recheck the replaced parts. If you perfectly do the replacement and there is no issue, it is time to contact the professionals. 


Summing it all above, it is not difficult to fix the blown speaker. It would help if you found out the reason behind it. So you can repair that and make your speaker accurate regarding quality.

We hope now you understand the process to fix the blown speaker, but if still confused and didn’t get any point, check out this video.  

? How To Fix A Blown Speaker?

In simple words, the blown speaker …

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Speakers only have the capacity according to their design. So it is best to play the speakers …

? Step-by-step process for fixing the blown speaker.

Use the equalizer to find out which speaker causes the problem. Apply …






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