With Microsoft’s choice of a proprietary radio signal superior to Bluetooth, Xbox consoles’ choice has always been strange as the Bluetooth option seems quite easier. As we near the introduction of Xbox Series X in the next generation, it is always frustrating to know whether Bluetooth headphones will be associated with the new Microsoft Xbox One console series or not. For both positive and inherently greedy purposes, Xbox platforms still retain a deliberate lack of Bluetooth support.

How to use Bluetooth headphones on Xbox one? Explained

Players cannot connect Bluetooth headsets, but other wireless headset solutions are not omitted, luckily.

With the introduction of the original Xbox 360, Microsoft opted to forgo Bluetooth back in 2005. Instead, it uses a patented radio signal from its ancestors for wireless communication with controllers. In fact, this signal is stronger and has less latency than other Bluetooth models, thereby improving players to a certain extent.

The apparent opposite side of the coin means that Microsoft can monitor the environment of Xbox accessories by deciding which wireless gadgets are fit for their platforms. The official controller Xbox One has Bluetooth functionality, but the console does not. Its key function is to connect the gamepad to PCs and handheld devices (a major sales point of Microsoft’s Gaming XCloud service).

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The official Xbox One controller will also use the Bluetooth support system, but the gamepad will not be connected with this feature. Unless Bluetooth links are available, Xbox One users must find other means of running wireless headphones and headsets on the console, and luckily there are plenty of choices. There is no lack of options to communicate and listen to Xbox One wirelessly, but a few bugs can be encountered with USB dongles, controller adapters, and special headsets.

Ways to use Bluetooth headphones with Xbox One

It would be hard to use if your favorite form of a wireless link is the Bluetooth connection or if you already have Bluetooth headphones for an Xbox One. Xbox One supports certain Bluetooth USB transmitters that are compliant but will only transmit game audio and not allow you to talk; hence, it can sometimes be an issue. However, dongles can be directly attached to an Xbox One remote, allowing existing Bluetooth headphones to be used. If you have Xbox Wireless headphones, 

Here are several wireless headphones that will work with Xbox One directly: 

An enhanced version of the Xbox One gamepad with a headphone jack was released in 2015. Some Bluetooth transmitters use this headset and are working well to transmit audio to a pair of headphones with Bluetooth allowing. For those who do not have a headphone boost on the old Xbox One remote, the safest alternative is to buy Microsoft’s increasingly complicated Microsoft Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter.

This system provides multiple functions, including the use of a headphone jack on the older model controllers if a Bluetooth dongle is attached. Of course, there are not many compatible headphones, and mostly Bluetooth is used by headphones. Hence here is a step by step tutorial for connecting Bluetooth Headphones to the Xbox One, even if you have Bluetooth headphones.

First Method: Using a Transmitter with TV

Now you will be able to hear audio from your headphones. The only limitation with this is that you will not be able to talk using transmitters.

Many Bluetooth transmitters only transfer audio to a speaker as an issue for one of the above solutions. This means that you actually won’t get into voice chat using any of the above ways while you can hear anything. Thus an Xbox Headset that operates with a previously stated wireless signal from Microsoft is the perfect option for transmitting audio (input and output) on Xbox One. Usually, these are easy to find items because they are manufactured by popular firms such as Turtle Beach and Razer, which allow you to hear the game sound and talk as well. They can be pricey, and at this point, Bluetooth isn’t playing any role here; the wireless alternative is, by far, the most convenient.

Second Method: Using a Transmitter with Controller

You’ll be completely wired to your Bluetooth headphones so that you can enjoy a nice Xbox game while playing them.

🏆 Ways to use Bluetooth headphones with Xbox One

However, dongles can be directly attached to an Xbox One remote, allowing existing Bluetooth headphones to be used...

🔍 First Method: Using a Transmitter with TV

Ensure you have connected your Xbox One or Xbox One X through the HDMI cable with your TV...

🤔 Second Method: Using a Transmitter with Controller

Insert the 3.5mm Aux port in the Xbox controller (like TaoTronic Bluetooth transmitter)...