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Do you love hosting parties in your backyard? Or perhaps you just like speakers that blend in and goes unnoticed throughout your whole house? For that, you might like and get yourself a set of wall-mounted speakers. And today we’ll bring you the best speakers you can buy online, and we’ll mention specific speakers that can handle the outdoors and the speakers that’ll sound best. Without further ado, let’s jump right in.

First on our list is the Bose 251 Speakers which is an indoor/ outdoor speaker, from blistering heat to the shivering cold, these speakers can handle it. Let’s take a peek at its features. 

Upon ordering, you can get a package with just the speakers, or you can get kits that include the speaker wires or an amp to run the speakers. The speakers are also available in black or white. In the box, you’ll get the speakers and the wall mounts together with all the screws to install everything. 

In terms of performance, these speakers have an articulated array design, making it more immersive and put on a higher quality of stereo separation. Each speaker can handle a maximum output power of up to 50W, and inside each speaker, there are three drivers, two 2.5-inch full-range drivers, and a single 5.25-inch woofer. It’s incredible since at first glance you’ll wonder if it can even perform well at such a small package, but yes it can deliver full-range sounds with a minimum frequency response of 10Hz and a maximum frequency response of up to 20Khz. 

Installing the speakers is easy and effortless, it’s installed best on your patio, backyard, and poolside. It’s also great as an addition to your home theater system as surround sound speakers, or take a bunch of these and put them all over your house and run it with an amp, and you’re all set for a pleasurable listening experience. I’d recommend this for everyone wanting to boost up the excitement in their homes as these are one of the best for that application.

  • Durable and weatherproof
  • Brings exceptional stereo separation
  • Can respond throughout the whole sound spectrum
  • Can only handle up to 50W

Perhaps you need a more powerful speaker to get louder sounds that’ll boost your backyard parties even more? Then the Polk Audio Atrium 5 may be the best option for you. Let us tell you the features to find out if this will work for you. 

The design on the Polk Audio Atrium 5 is much more appealing to some people, it has a semi-circular front plate, and the wall mount works with any orientation you may like, besides that, the wall mounts are also more secure.

And things would get better with the sound quality these speakers spit out. Each speaker has two drivers, a 5-inch Dynamic Balance driver that handles everything from bass tones to mid-tones, and the other driver is a 3/4-inch tweeter that dedicates in handling high-tones and results in a clear and detailed sound. At the same time, another feature of these speakers is the PowePort bass venting which results in full sounding bass tones.

Other than that you also have the unique baffle design that helps in dispersing the sound in a much wider space making these speakers even more capable outdoors. This speaker is passively powered and connected via binding posts which are gold plated to prevent corrosion due to moisture and humidity. And almost every part uses aluminum, stainless steel, or brass to prevent rust from ever possibly building up.

Overall, if you want speakers that are truly capable of outdoor use, then the best wall mounted speaker for you are the Polk Audio Atrium 5.

  • Can handle up to 100W
  • Responds up to 25Khz
  • Sounds full and clear even in outdoor conditions
  • Mostly made of aluminum, stainless steel, and brass to prevent corrosion
  • Can only handle bass tones as low as 60Hz
  • Motor

Our last speaker on this list is the Yamaha NS-AW150W which is the oldest speaker on this list, but well worth it for the money you’re paying for this. These speakers are also the most capable on this list in terms of maximum output power. But let’s get with the features and design first.

The design is simple, and some may even describe the design as something that looks from over a decade ago, although, it does look better in black. The included bracket allows the speaker to work in any orientation you like. You can even use these as bookshelf speakers if you feel like taking them off their mounts. 

Yamaha rarely ever fail in sound quality, and these speakers also sound great and powerful with its maximum output power of up to 120W. The speaker has two drivers, a 5-inch woofer and a ½-inch dome tweeter, and together they made up a frequency response of 55Hz-40Khz. Protecting all these parts from the sun and rain is the enclosure which is sealed up tightly. And they use binding posts as connectors so installation will be easy and can be done in under 2 hours. 

Overall, these speakers are a must-try considering it is the cheapest pair in this list, and despite the aged design, this still does sound great and loud. In the end, we dub these as the best wall mounted speakers for a tight budget.

  • Has a maximum output power of up to 120W
  • Frequency response is at 55Hz-40KHz
  • Has clear and detailed treble tones
  • Can endure sun and rain
  • Design is a bit dated
  • The tightly sealed enclosure muffles bass tones

With all speakers mentioned, we conclude our list of the best wall mounted speakers, make sure to check them all out using the links above, and get the best one for you now and enjoy great sounds for leisure or parties indoor or outdoor.

FAQ: Frequent questions

? Which is the best?

Bose 251 on Wall Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

? How did we test them?

We tested 19 products, researched 18 sources, evaluated 142 reviews and spent 9+ hours on our guide.

? What should you look at before buying?

When choosing it’s best to make a decision based on the price/quality, functionality and compatibility with other devices/technologies.







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