Music soothes my soul, and it calms my nerves. My day is not complete if I can’t listen to good music. I bought a speaker to amplify the music that I listen to so that whatever I do while I am at home, I keep myself calm.

I made a recent purchase of a product that I wish the public to know. I don’t usually make personal comments about products; however, I need to comment on the Alto A-B Box (TS312). I am delighted with its performance, and I want to encourage other musically-inclined individuals to purchase the same. I think that it is worth every penny that you spend.

Alto Speakers Review

The Alto A-B Box is a two-way powered loudspeaker that is priced at almost $400. It weighs 16.3 kilograms with dimensions of 23.8 inches by 13.9 inches by 13.8 inches. You can have it connected with IEC with the main fuse. It comes in various AC voltage inputs of 110, 110-120, and 220-240 volts. It has an output power of 2000 W with 1300 low frequency and 700 high frequency. The low-frequency driver is 12 inches with a three-inch high-temperature coil. The low-frequency driver can produce quality but deep bass sounds in the different music made. The high-frequency driver is made of a 1.4 neodymium magnet with a precision waveguide. It has a good frequency response and frequency range. Its frequency response is 53 Hz to 20 Hz, while its frequency range is 46 Hz to 22 Hz.

Now let us look at the physical features of the Alto A-B Box. It is enclosed in a trapezoidal, injection-molded polypropylene enclosure. It has two XLR / TRS combo inputs, one XLR link output, and one IEC power cable input. Its control panel has two volume switches, one power-on switch, one contour switch, and one ground-lift switch. If you wish to have it mounted, it comes with a 36 mm standard pole mount, ideal for wall or ceiling mounting. 


When I figured out that I needed speakers for my house, I realized that I need to do my research of what is in front of me. To my surprise, Alto Professional is a company that has been in the industry for over twenty years. With its longevity in the industry, I trusted their brand immediately.

The Alto TS312 is an affordable portable speaker. As I checked the technical information and the things that it can do for me, I believe it is worth its price. However, if you purchase it from their website, you still need to look for a dealer in your area. If you badly need it, it may take a few days for the item to arrive, especially if there is no official Alto dealer in your area. 

I like how this speaker produces genuine sounds. The sounds are pretty equal to high-end speakers considering the name of the brands. For my Alto TS312, I have gained more than what I have paired for. The sound quality that it produced si because of its twelve inches speaker with 1.4 inches tweeter.

Physically, I think it is chic, and it is light. It is ideal for people who would like to bring their speakers everywhere they want to go. Moreover, it is mountable. It is suitable if you’re going to have a home-theater room since its sound is so defined. 

For me, the highlight of this great product is its custom-engineered class D amplifiers. It performs well, and it is highly efficient. Best of all, it has a passive cooling design. In other speakers, they have a fan that cools them down, and the sound is affected. With the TS312, you are sure of a clean and quiet sound as you use them.  

Pros and Cons

  • Price

The price is not very high. Other customers find it affordable, but it is monstrous when it comes to its performance.

  • Sound Quality

The sound that it produces is well-defined and clean. Since it has a passive cooling design, it is expected to make a more pristine sound. I can attest to this when I used my speakers for more than 5 hours. Besides, the double speakers are excellent. You get dual power in just one speaker.

  • Repair

I have read some clients who complained about not getting their speakers fixed in local repair shops. I think this could be a problem in the future if my speaker gets broken. I probably might also need to pay for the shipping fee if I get this fixed in an accredited Alto repair shop.

What’s my vote?

I still recommend people buy the Alto TS312 for its price and the quality of sound it makes. I am personally a delighted customer. I get what I need for a low cost, and with Alto’s brand, I am sure that my speaker will last for a long time. 

FAQ: Frequent questions

? Which is the best?

Alto A-B Box (TS312)

? How did we test them?

We tested 17 products, researched 5 sources, evaluated 122 reviews and spent 10+ hours on our guide.

? What should you look at before buying?

When choosing it’s best to make a decision based on the price/quality, functionality and compatibility with other devices/technologies.







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